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How to Ensure that Your Socks Last

Making the most of your socks!


Sometimes high quality socks are easily damaged or get holes because of one or more of the reasons below:


  • By wearing socks in tight shoes or boots, especially materials such as alpaca, wool and cashmere. Give your feet and your socks plenty of space! It’s healthy.

  • By wearing socks with long unclipped nails. Cleaniest is next to godliness.

  • The position of your toes. Measure carefully and check if the second phalanx (the long and slender toe next to the big one) sticks-out significantly further than the other phalanges (your toes). Many people have this type of foot, and it is particularly detrimental to tight fitting socks made from delicate material. Once again, this problem is fixed by not wearing socks that are too tight or wearing tight shoes and boots.

  • Silk socks help you detox your feet. When your feet sweat, it melts the silk which is mainly protein. It is advised to wash your socks regularly. Do not let a dirty sock stay dirty.

  • Wearing your socks without shoes outside or walking on surfaces that would obviously ruin your socks (i.e. floors with loose nails/ sharp corners, gravel, wood panels, etc).