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Our Story

 When Maarlie moved to the U.S in 2001, she started receiving many compliments on the socks she brought from Japan. No matter where she went, people would often ask her where she bought her socks. She noticed in many parts of the Unites States, the sock culture differed vastly from Japan.  Needless to say, the purpose of many socks in the U.S. is to be produced in large quantities and purchased at the lowest price possible. Maarlie noticed these socks and other legwear did not fit comfortably and were quickly damaged by wear and tear. Furthermore, few people even wear the same type of socks all year-round regardless of the time and season.

 In Japan the sock culture is significantly more advanced, because socks are an intricate part of Japanese social life. First of all, it is customary and often required to take off your shoes at home where other people will see your socks regularly. This is why there are countless varieties of high quality and fashionable socks out there in the Japanese market. Secondly, the socks are made of different materials depending on the season. Since all the four seasons are uniquely distinctive to each other in Japan, people wear materials that best fit each season (i.e. linen in summer and wool for winter). Finally, since socks are an important part of Japanese lifestyle, people stock-up on different types of socks for almost any occasion. Japanese legwear are made to be as comfortable as possible and strong enough to last a long time.

 To enhance the quality of life in the United States even more, she started this sock business.